Oyster Adjustable Wall Light (SHW1)

464.39 $608.36 $ ex VAT.

Oyster Shell Adjustable Wall Light made of solid brass. made using a lost wax casting from a hand carved Oyster shell with a cast brass banjo joints to adjust and a swivel and knuckle joint to articulate the shade through 90 degrees and rotate through 350 degrees.  The Oyster shell takes a G9 LED bulb for low energy use and plenty of light.  Beautifully handmade and finished to your choice.  The Oyster Wall Lights make ideal reading lights and work beautifully as bedside wall lights.

Height:   Max 308mm   Min 180mm

Width:    145mm

Depth    Max 470mm    Min  265mm

Note: 3 – 5 weeks to dispatch